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Frequently Asked Questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question, and below are answers to those most frequently posed.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have others.

Service & Accommodation

Can my dog(s) stay overnight? Yes.  Normally people drop their dogs off at about 10 - 10:30 AM and collect them at the same time the next day/end of their stay.  That said, with prior arrangement we are happy to be flexible with regular visitors to Garderies Les Chiots Taquins, as it takes less time for them to settle into our routines.
Do you take un-neutered animals? Yes, BUT, we won't take un-neutered dogs & bitches at the same time.  Availability is on a first-come first-served basis.
Do you take dogs during national holidays? Yes.  Please be mindful of the fact that these book up fast, so please make your reservation as far in advance as possible.
Can you cope with emergencies? For situations such as hospitalisations we are happy to accommodate you - as long as there are no more than 5 other dogs in the house.
My dog sleeps on my bed at night.  What can she do with you? All dogs sleep in our bedroom.  However, Megan is top dog, and only she has the privilege of sleeping on our bed.
My dog likes lots of cuddles, will he get them? Oh yes.  Cuddles are freely available to all dogs upon request (demand).

Food & Treats

What will my dog eat? All dogs have different dietary requirements, so each arrives with his/her own supply of food.  We are happy to follow whatever schedule you prefer for your pet.
Shall I bring his toys too? If your puppy is under a year old please bring a chew with him - it saves my furniture!
Fifi often has treats from the table during meals.  We never feed dogs any table scraps or other human food.
What about treats? We have a routine of a Markies Trio before bed time and after last call for pee-pees.  Please do not bring other treats for your dog, as they will only cause fights amongst the others.

Other Equipment

Shall I bring his/her bed? If your dog won't sleep anywhere else but his own bed, then please feel free to bring it.  However, we've massive amounts of dog bedding, so you really don't need to.
What about leads/bowls etc? We have loads of bowls and leads, plus huge amounts of toys scattered everywhere.  Please don't bring/leave your own, as they are often overlooked in the excitement of pick-up times.
My dog normally sleeps in a crate/cage We don't have cages at Garderie Les Chiots Taquins.  Most dogs just drop into one of Megan's beds and kip wherever they like.  However, if your dog is cage/crate trained and you prefer that he remains that way, we are familiar with the concept and there is sufficient space in my study for a cage.

Vets, Illnesses & Emergencies

What happens if my dog is ill while he's with you? In case of emergency illness/injury I will take your dog to the excellent vet in Port-Sainte-Foy: Fabrice CASTANET.  You will need to settle his account upon your return.
What about fleas/ticks & worming? We require that all dogs staying with us are completely current with vaccinations, flea & tick treatments and worming etc.
Do you need his pet passport/medical records? Not normally, but if your dog is staying with us for an extended period we recommend that you leave them with us so that in the unlikely event that something does happen the vet will know all that he needs to.
Fifi has to take pills daily.  Is this all right? I am happy to give your dog whatever pills or other medication she needs while she is with us at no additional charge.

Walks & Exercise

Fido has been known to chase cats... If your dog has a known tendency to chase livestock, or cats, or chickens (or cars etc) we must know in advance.  Please be advised that should your dog cause any damage to any livestock or animal, it is up to you to settle all damages.
When are the dogs walked? In the winter, or on cooler days we normally walk around 3:00-4:30 PM.  During the summer and on hotter days the big walk is normally 8:30 - 10(ish), with a second walk in the evening for a half hour just before sunset.
What other exercise will my dog get? From about April onwards (weather permitting) the back door of my house is always open and the dogs have free run of the house and garden.

Other Information

How can I contact you when I am away? We are happy to "friend" you on Facebook where we post pictures of the dogs playing/walking almost daily.
We're away for a long time and we'd like to see/speak to Fifi while we're gone. No problem.  We can easily arrange a Skype video call for you, if you like.
How do I know that my dog(s) will be happy? All dogs that wish to stay at Garderie Les Chiots Taquins are interviewed by Megan and acceptance is subject to her approval.  If it looks as if they won't get on I am afraid that we won't be able to take him/her/them.
Can we visit before we come? We encourage all dogs & their owners to take a walk with us in advance of their first overnight stay to ensure that everyine is as comfortable and familiar as possible.

Our house is messy, but dog friendly.
What level of training so you require? Dogs don't need to be massively trained to come to us, but they must be familiar with their name and house-trained.  We understand that accidents happen when staying in a strange place for the first time, or when pupies get very excited.  However, persistent offenders will be asked to contribute to the cost of pet smart cleaning materials.

Charges etc

What is your daily rate? We charge €15.00 for each 24 hour period.  
What is included? Just the care of your dog.  Food, insurance and other incidentals, such as vetinary care etc are entirely at the expense of the owner.
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